Perfectly eOS-setup for my Daily Activity


After installing elementary OS Loki (Dell 14 3000 series):

  • Install Gromit-Mpx (via appcenter), run in terminal: $ gromit-mpx –key F9 (gunakan Fn+F9 togle gromit, F10 untuk delete, mouse utk screencast)
  • install screenkey (via appcenter)
  • enable scrool zoom via xbindkeys (Heath Paddoc tutorial)
  • install gdebi (via appcenter)
  • install wps office
  • install firefox
  • install synspse (gunakan ctrl+spacebar untuk panggil synapse)
  • install redshift
  • install ice-ssb (untuk aplikasi whatsapp, facebook dsj)
  • setting koneksi wireless: $ sudo iwconfig wlp6s0 power off
  • install telegram
  • install wine (via ppa)
  • offcourse… beautifull theme, DOWNLOAD HERE 🙂

Just an ordinary people :)

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One comment on “Perfectly eOS-setup for my Daily Activity
  1. Pablo Gómez says:

    Nice bro!!, actually, the link in not working :S could you please re share. Thanks!!

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